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Hi, I'm Dominika.
Nice to meet you!

I'm programmer from education, profession and passion. On this blog I share my articles, podcasts and info about events I participate in.

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Charity HTML/JS workshop online
Charity HTML/JS workshop online
June 13, 2022
1 min

About me

I am an active, well-organized person who fell in love with programming. Professionaly, I work as a Software Engineer at Qualtrics. After working hours I'm conducting IT related workshops and lectures, recording podcasts and volunteering in many IT events. I am also a Google Developer Expert (GDE) for Web Technologies! Privately, I'm big fan of theatre and singing.

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Comments in the code
Comments in the code
June 05, 2022
5 min
How to measure user happiness?
How to measure user happiness?
April 22, 2021
1 min
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