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a11y for developers - gitbook

By Dominika Zając
Published in Articles
May 22, 2022
1 min read
a11y for developers - gitbook

Accessibility - creating software in such a way that it is available to everyone, is a topic that I have been dealing with quite a lot recently. Unfortunately, I have the impression that it is still omitted either in college or in programming courses. That’s why I recently started creating a gitbook - a mini tutorial describing the most important issues, useful tools, etc. It is not 100% ready yet, but I would like to share it with you - maybe you will give me some motivation to develop this project? Let me know what you think, what I can improve or improve. You can also add your MR directly in github: https://github.com/dominika-zajac/a11y-for-developers

I believe that by sharing knowledge, we can make the Internet a world accessible to everyone!


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Dominika Zając

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