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How to teach remotely?

By Dominika Zając
Published in Events
October 27, 2021
1 min read
How to teach remotely?

What do you associate remote learning with?

Many people answer this question by giving only negatives - more difficult contact with the student / teacher, technical problems or less commitment. However, is online really only downsides?

The PROJECTOR program did not stop the pandemic and organizes an excellent educational program, under which students from all over Poland conduct online tutoring in maths and English for children from small towns. And I had the pleasure of contributing to it by conducting training for volunteers last Wednesday. During the meeting, I showed modern solutions and tools, thanks to which remote lessons not only do not have to be worse than traditional ones, but can also help introduce modern technologies to schools - thanks to which learning is more interesting and effective.

I would like to thank Projector for the invitation to the project - it is a great pleasure to take part in actions that bring good. I also keep my fingers crossed for all the volunteers and their pupils - let mathematics and English stop scaring you at night. Good luck!

Group of people during teleconferece
Group of people during teleconferece


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